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You depend on your brakes for your safety and for that of your passengers, often your loved ones. At Russo’s Auto Service, we take your brakes very seriously. And that’s why we recommend that you bring your car in for our auto service in Berwyn when it comes to checking and replacing your brakes.

Fortunately, our skilled and experienced technicians have the level of expertise to work on the brakes for cares of all years, makes, and models. It’s essential to stay on top of them because if you wait until the situation is critical, your brakes could fail you. And when you consider the consequences if that happens, it’s all the more important to take advantage of our auto service in Berwyn.

Your brakes go through a lot, especially if you do a lot of city driving. You use them at every red light, every stop sign, and to yield to every pedestrian. In rush hour traffic, you could be bumper to bumper, constantly hitting your brakes. Let us inspect your brakes and we can determine if they have some life left in them, or if they need to be replaced. Brakes don’t always give you a warning when they’re wearing out, but if you have noticed squeaking or your foot is going down near the floor when you press on your brake pedal, either of those are signs that you need to schedule an appointment to let us diagnose the situation.

If you’re planning a summer trip in your car, there is no better time than now to bring it in to have your brakes tested. And even if you plan only on using your car for normal daily driving, why not take advantage of the peace of mind that comes from letting our auto service in Berwyn take a look at your brakes.

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