Auto shop in Berwyn

Auto Shop in Berwyn

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Ignition troubleshooting in Berwyn

At Russo’s Auto Service our auto shop in Berwyn we offer our customers the best in auto mechanic services so that we can help keep your car running safely and efficiently. Whether it’s an oil change or ignition troubleshooting, Russo’s can do it all. We employ a team of professionals who are all skilled in auto mechanic techniques, along with excellent customer service.

Some of the services our auto shop in Berwyn offers are fixes for brakes, oil changes, tire rotations, work on emissions compliance, engine repairs and steering and suspension. In fact, did you know that the average driver turns their steering wheel at least twelve times when driving down one block? This can add up to wear and tear over time that affects the steering column. That’s why we check your steering system when needed, because sudden failure of that system can put a driver at risk. We recommend all our clients come in to our auto shop in Berwyn for regular checkups to make sure their steering and suspension is working fine.

One of the most common services that we do at our auto shop in Berwyn is an oil change service. This is because this service needs to be performed most often on cars usually. We can put the right oil in and make sure that your engine is safe while doing it. This includes a filter change if needed and synthetic lubricants and cleaning agents. We only do work that is approved by you first! We’ll never perform a service that you aren’t comfortable with before clearing it with you first. Oil changes can also increase your car’s life by 75,000 extra miles while reducing overall stress on the engine. We’ll remind you when it’s time for a new oil change!

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