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At Russo’s Auto Service, we let our valued customers know that on most vehicles, the one service that needs to be performed most often is the common oil change. While today’s modern cars usually make it convenient for you to do this change yourselves, knowing exactly the right oil to use, as well as the proper way to dispose of the old oil, is essential.  If your oil change in Oak Park is done incorrectly, it can break your engine, or leave you on the costly end of a large fine.

If you bring your car to Russo’s Auto Service for periodical checkups and oil changes, we will always use the correct oil for your car.   Our experts will also change the filter when needed and provide your engine with synthetic lubricants and cleaning agents, when needed, and only when approved by you. Timely oil change in Oak Park can increase the health of your car by an average 75,000 extra miles, while reducing general stress on your engine.  Our master mechanic will remind you of oil changes and when your car needs them.  The most common recommendation by automakers and service centers is to perform an oil change at whichever interval comes first, whether it’s the mileage or recommended date.  Our experts will explain that even if it’s only been two months, while the sticker say three months, if you’ve put enough miles on your car to surpass the mileage recommendation, it’s time for an oil change in Oak Park.  We find that oil change intervals aren’t an exact science, since many factors affect the oil’s lubrication life.  Some of these factors include engine condition, dirt, contamination, engine temperature and driving style.

The average oil change recommendation we see on new cars is approximately five months or 5,000 miles.  Some are more, some are less, so we suggest you refer to your owner’s manual and try not to exceed the outlined date or mileage to keep your engine healthy.  We recommend that you should check your engine oil once a month, and it is highly advised to check it more than one time. Through this you will be able to tell if your engine oil is not burning, or the oil tank is emptying through a leak. Whether you are driving a brand new or used car, an oil change in Oak Park is a necessary service.

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