Car repairs in Berwyn

Car Repairs in Berwyn

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Getting your car ready for the winter in Berwyn

Many if us rely on our cars every day without realizing just how much wear and tear we put them through. Noticing little changes or taking your car in for an oil change can help you realize what is needed to maintain your vehicle, but it is also important to have foresight when it comes to the weather. Winter is one of the harshest months in general, but it can really take a toll on your car. Plus, you’ll want your car to be able to handle the rough weather and also keep you safe. For winter prep and car repairs in Berwyn, our mechanics here at Russo’s Auto Service can make sure your vehicle gets the care it needs.

Russo’s Auto Service has been providing the Oak Park area and surrounding communities for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on offering excellent service as well as customer care. We offer a wide range of services, including brakes, oil changes, tires, emission work, steering and suspension, preventative maintenance, electrical system repairs, engine repairs, exhaust, system repairs, filter changes, heating and air conditioning and of course, general auto repair. Our expert licensed mechanics can help with any type of car repairs in Berwyn, all you need to do is take your vehicle on down to our one-stop auto shop and we can get straight to work. But we can also help when it comes to making sure your car runs well in the future, too.

As winter approaches, there are some things we here at Russo’s Auto Service can help make sure you do to ensure that it runs smoothly and safely. In addition to routine maintenance like getting the right kind of oil change, winter prep may include checking your tire pressure or switching to snow tires, cleaning and repairing your windshield for optimal visibility, having your belts and hoses examined, having your 4-wheel drive checked, prepping antifreeze for emergencies as well as preparing an emergency kit with some useful tools like a blanket, extra set of clothes, extra food and water, a shovel, flashlight, ice scraper, batteries, tire chains, washer fluid, spare tire, tire gauge, flares, jumper cables, first aid kit, and more.

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