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Proper, routine car maintenance in Berwyn is crucial, in order to avoid major repair bills and keep your vehicle running reliably for many years.  Maintaining your vehicle is critical to help avoid breakdowns or any future problems, and will definitely allow you to drive it for a longer time. It’s not uncommon for an engine to get over 200,000 miles on it, and, when maintained properly at Russo’s Auto Service, even more.

As part of your car maintenance in Berwyn, your car’s fluids need to be monitored and maintained.  Motor oil, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, rear end oil and, of course, fuel, are the lifeblood for your vehicle and should always be maintained to the proper levels. Each fluid has its own very important job to do so correct maintenance is very important.  Motor oil keeps all the engine parts lubricated, and without it your engine would certainly seize up. Coolant is critical to keep the engine block and cylinder heads cool, and without it your engine would quickly overheat and possibly be ruined.  Transmission fluid allows your car to be able to move forward and backward smoothly, brake fluid allows you to stop the vehicle properly, and without it you would literally have no brakes.  Power steering fluid allows you to turn your wheel freely. Rear end oil, or fluid, allows your drive axle to turn freely, and without that you wouldn’t be going very far.  Many of us have run out of gas before, so we know what happens without fuel.  Proper lubrication of the vehicles suspension parts with grease is also very important.

Filters also need to be considered as part of your car maintenance in Berwyn, such as oil filter, transmission fluid filter and fuel filter. These filters serve to keep the fluids running through your car cleanly and without harmful contaminants.   Also keep in mind the importance of a clean air filter, which allows fresh air to enter.  A dirty air filter will certainly slow you down and force you to use more fuel. There are many other areas of a vehicle where maintenance is required, including your windshield wiper blades, proper air in the tires, lubricant treatments to rubber trim parts to prevent cracking, and replacement of worn hoses and belts is necessary

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