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Tires don’t have to be difficult. Not when you come to Russo’s Auto Service. We understand that your tires are vital to the safety of you and your family and you want the right tires for your vehicle without breaking the bank. You also may need servicing for your existing tires when they develop a leak or suffer a puncture. Depend on our Oak Park car mechanic to get the job done for you, without fuss, without hassle, and at a reasonable price.

If you’re wondering if it is time to replace your tires, bring your car in to us. Today’s tires are built to be durable, but it is also true that road conditions take their toll on the life of your tires. What with potholes and other cracks and crevices caused by such things as the harshness of winter and the necessary rock salt that is used to combat slippery streets, your tires take a beating. Add to that the hot summer asphalt, continual braking in stop and go traffic, and it’s no wonder that before you realize it, your treads have worn down. And you sure don’t want to ride on tires that have lost the proper amount of tread. Your tires won’t grip the road the way they need to for a safe and secure ride. That’s why our Oak Park car mechanic is prepared to determine if your current tires are doing the job for you or not.

In addition, if your tires have been running low on air, you may have a slow leak or a puncture caused by a nail or some other sharp object. As long as that puncture is in the tread and not on the sidewall, we should be able to repair it for you. So think of our Oak Park car mechanic when it comes time to replace your tires or when they simply need maintenance. We want you riding with confidence.

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